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Essential Ashtanga with Ness Sherry

Essential Ashtanga workshop with Ness Sherry

Saturday 11th May 11am-1pm

Investment: £30

Welcoming Ness Sherry for a dedicated workshop to the Ashtanga discipline.

A word from Ness:

I have been practising Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for over 12 years, yet I honestly feel that I didn’t really start practising fully until I discovered John Scott, and his teaching.  It was through his teachings that I really understood the subtleties of the practise and the soft beautiful expression of connection and space that is to be found within it.  That’s perhaps just the journey we go through, as we move through asana practice.  It’s easy to misunderstand the intension of Ashtanga, it’s easy to connect to only a single aspect of this 8 limbed system.  This is where the misunderstandings are created and there have been many myths that I have come across during my journey.  My experience of Ashtanga is that it is a balancing of opposites, a balancing of strength and flexibility, of the active and passive energies, and a balancing of the masculine and feminine.  It is a practise which shifts our attention inwards and gives us a greater understanding of our internal landscape and our connection to the relationship to ourselves and our world.  It is my mission to give people the full experience of this beautiful, humbling practice.

Ashtanga is the synchronised movement of classical yoga postures along the thread of the breath.  The movement (or vinyasa) is counted, which gives the mind a focus.  The whole practise becomes a moving meditation, a complete synchronicity and union of mind, body and breath. Intertwined within it are the 8 limbs of Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras.