Hanumunasana Playshop with Ness (a.k.a the splits)
2:00 PM14:00

Hanumunasana Playshop with Ness (a.k.a the splits)

Saturday 1st June, 2pm-4pm @ The Old Stables, The Core Zone.
£30 (limited availability as small class numbers)
Includes snacks and herbal teas.

Join Ness for this fun exploration of the challenging asana Hanumanasana, or 'the splits’ as we know it. This pose is named after Hanuman, the monkey deity, due to his great leap from India to Sri Lanka.

Maybe as a child you would have access to this posture, or perhaps, like me, you were nowhere near! I will show you how I deepened my practice and finally found my way into the pose.

The splits brings us immense opening in the hips, hip flexors, and hamstrings and also works on our quads, which not only gets us into Hanumanasana, but also improves back bending possibilities. 

It's one of those poses that give us a real sense of achievement, and reignites your playful child-like mind. To get there, you have breathe deep and let go, which brings with it its own lessons, and amazing release.

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Yin-Yang Yoga Retreat day with Lisa Valentine
5:00 PM17:00

Yin-Yang Yoga Retreat day with Lisa Valentine

Saturday 15th June, 11am-5pm

£85 (with 2 course lunch) or £75 (bring your own lunch)
Both options include a snack and herbal teas

!/2 day options available.

Morning and Lunch to include yin & Yang yoga flow and Lunch: £40

Afternon and Lunch to include a meditation, mini thai massage workshop and gon bath: £45

Early bird discount CODE : 5OFF

Join Lisa for a fully integrated day of Yin, Yang and Meditation practices interwoven into a retreat style day. You will be invited to deeply immerse yourself into floor based Yin postures to revive and restore the subtle energy body in preparation for gentle Yang sequences invigorating both the physical and pranic bodies. Enjoy led Meditation sessions in both the morning and afternoon to restore the vitality in our spiritual or ‘shen’ body. 

We welcome Lisa Colclough from soul 2 soul yoga, for a mini Thai yoga massage workshop in the afternoon where you will learn to give a short thai massage sequence and also recieve a lovely massage too. You will be partnered up with a fellow yogi.

Thai Massage combines flowing sequences and focused acupressure techniques to create a unique healing therapy. This form of bodywork uses sequences of soft tissue pressing, stretching and considered movement to strengthen joints, improve flexibility and maintain posture. Sustained acupressure with palms, thumbs, elbows and feet is used to help remove blockages and free the tension inside knotted muscles.

When we learn to connect with ourselves on both our physical, energetic and mental states at the start of our practice, we can begin to carve out a more skilled and responsive practice to meet our needs more fully.

We will end the day with Samantha Wilson, whom will be bringing her gorgeous gong and bowls to lead us on a profound healing journey.💕

This retreat day will include a vegetarian lunch, snacks and herbal teas.

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Pelvic Balance, with Catherine Annis
11:00 AM11:00

Pelvic Balance, with Catherine Annis

Date: 7th September, Saturday, 2019
Time: 11.00am – 5.30pm
Price: With a vegetarian Lunch: £85; Without lunch: £75.

Have you ever wondered why one side of your body is easier to access than the other in your yoga practice? Or why some “hip openers” are more challenging than others?

It’s all related to the balance of your pelvis, and how the web of ligaments, tendons and muscle tissues in this key area work together to support and connect your hips, lower back and legs.

Join Catherine for this practical workshop to explore how yoga can help balance your pelvis and discover:

* How fixations in the pelvis can affect our entire body
* Why not all hips need opening (and why stability is helpful)
* The effect of pelvic balance on your sacro-iliac joints
* Why you shouldn’t tuck your tailbone (and why you should!)
* That pelvic balance goes far beyond pelvic floor exercises
* How relaxing your pelvis can help relieve lower back issues
* How to balance your pelvis from all angles

Suitable for all levels

Early bird discount before July month end: VOUCHER CODE: 5OFFYOGA (£5 off)

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Chinese Medicine and Mindful Yoga Immersion, with Jennifer Raye
to Sep 22

Chinese Medicine and Mindful Yoga Immersion, with Jennifer Raye

Friday 20th Sept 6-8.30pm - Saturday 21st Sept 10am-4.30pm - Sunday 22nd Sept 10am-4.30pm

@ The Core Zone, The Old Stables, Middleton Cheney, Banbury

Can be paid in 3 installments of £85 if booked before end of July.

Herbal teas, snacks and Sat/Sunday lunches included

Explore and apply the foundational concepts and philosophy of Chinese Medicine within the context of your yoga practice or yoga teaching.

This immersion includes a manual and a mix of movement practices, lecture, discussion, hands-on work, and reading. Daily asana, meditation, and breath practices will integrate the Chinese Medicine principles including a focus on how your yoga asana practice can be created to suit your own or your student's individual needs and health concerns. 

Open to all yoga students and levels. This immersion is considered teacher training for Yoga Alliance credit.

About Jennifer:

I did my first Yin yoga training with International yoga teacher, Jennifer Raye so I feel very honoured welcoming her to Banbury to share her huge knowledge and passion on this subject, I guarantee you will be able to integrate so much of this course into your teaching.

As a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist, acupuncturist, and holistic nutritionist Jennifer practices an integrative and holistic form of medicine.

As an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher the movement she teaches is mindful, therapeutic, and an alignment based practice, influenced by her study of anatomy, yoga therapy, Buddhist contemplative practices, and a deep understanding of the energetic body as outlined by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

When she's not teaching and travelling she is based on beautiful Vancouver Island where she lives with her husband and where she runs her private medical practice.

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An Exploration of Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers
11:00 AM11:00

An Exploration of Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

5th October 11-5.30pm
Investment £75/85 with or without lunch
early bird voucher code: 5OFFYOGA
An Exploration of Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

This one day CPD workshop is a must for yoga teachers and teachers in training who want to expand their functional anatomy knowledge in relation to yoga asana.
You only need to look around a yoga class to see a wide variety of bodies with different possibilities and restrictions, so how can we support them all? Using a mixture of lecture, discussion and practical inquiry this workshops steps away from the dry (and yes sometimes boring) side of anatomy, to focus on real bodies in an experiential way. Spaces are limited - this is a small group setting which focuses on being able to provide plenty of individual attention, interaction and support.
• Gain more confidence and a deeper understanding of how anatomy can enhance your teaching skills.
• Learn the language of body reading and determining skeletal patterns
• Assess common postural patterns
• Understand how to make yoga postures both safe and inclusive for all
• Examine what we say as yoga teachers and how to intelligently refine the use of anatomical language in our teaching.

Bio: Dawn is a Senior Yoga Teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. She has been a teacher trainer for many years, tutoring on several 200 hour courses and delivering further training/CPD courses around the UK. She is known for delivering really practical training in a warm and supportive environment. Dawn also mentors and coaches yoga teachers in growing their yoga businesses.

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Arm balance workshop with Ness Sherry
2:00 PM14:00

Arm balance workshop with Ness Sherry

Arm Balance Workshop with Ness Sherry.
Saturday 2nd November
£30 (limited availability)

This arm balance workshop will help you to understand how to apply techniques in order to get lift-off with confidence. Learn how to use your breath, let go of struggle and be open to all possibilities. You will learn how to connect to your core, explore the foundations and mechanics to make these empowering poses part of your regular practice; moving beyond your limitations with balance and strength. You will also break down the many intricacies of arm balances like crow, side crow and firefly – boosting your confidence, and connecting to your playful spirit. These postures will challenge you to be humble, embrace your fears; consequently there will be plenty of opportunity for self-reflection, expansion and evolution. You will be met exactly where you are and given the tools you need to progress at your level.

Spaces limited to 12 students only to ensure enough space around you and individual attention.

About the Teacher:
Ness practiced Iyengar yoga for several years which is where she got her love for alignment. Yoga became an integral part of her life and she spent over 8 years exploring yoga with Gurus in India, Yoga’s homeland. During this time, Ness gained her Yoga Alliance teaching qualification and became more deeply immersed to the Ashtanga system which has become her passion. Ness has also practiced with B.N.S Iyengar, who is the oldest living Guru of Ashtanga Yoga. Ness loves her classes to be both challenging and fun, encouraging her students to move beyond their mental and physical limitations.

Snacks and herbal teas included.

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Essential Ashtanga with Ness Sherry
11:00 AM11:00

Essential Ashtanga with Ness Sherry

Essential Ashtanga workshop with Ness Sherry

Saturday 11th May 11am-1pm

Investment: £30

Welcoming Ness Sherry for a dedicated workshop to the Ashtanga discipline.

A word from Ness:

I have been practising Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for over 12 years, yet I honestly feel that I didn’t really start practising fully until I discovered John Scott, and his teaching.  It was through his teachings that I really understood the subtleties of the practise and the soft beautiful expression of connection and space that is to be found within it.  That’s perhaps just the journey we go through, as we move through asana practice.  It’s easy to misunderstand the intension of Ashtanga, it’s easy to connect to only a single aspect of this 8 limbed system.  This is where the misunderstandings are created and there have been many myths that I have come across during my journey.  My experience of Ashtanga is that it is a balancing of opposites, a balancing of strength and flexibility, of the active and passive energies, and a balancing of the masculine and feminine.  It is a practise which shifts our attention inwards and gives us a greater understanding of our internal landscape and our connection to the relationship to ourselves and our world.  It is my mission to give people the full experience of this beautiful, humbling practice.

Ashtanga is the synchronised movement of classical yoga postures along the thread of the breath.  The movement (or vinyasa) is counted, which gives the mind a focus.  The whole practise becomes a moving meditation, a complete synchronicity and union of mind, body and breath. Intertwined within it are the 8 limbs of Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras.

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The Art of Teaching Yoga 1-1 with Kate Ellis
11:00 AM11:00

The Art of Teaching Yoga 1-1 with Kate Ellis

Training CPD, The art of teaching 1-2-1 with Kate Ellis.

(working with touch and understanding the ins and outs of alignment)

Saturday 27th April 2019
£85 (with 2 course lunch) or £75 (bring your own lunch)

Touch orientates us both inside and out, to receive good touch from the outside helps us to locate and express ourselves within.

This workshop will explore what makes good touch, the purpose of adjustments and how our whole self can be used to make them. We’ll also explore how to work from an embodied and relational perspective so that we can take into account how both teacher and student are touched by an adjustment and how our own state of embodiment is crucial to making useful adjustments. Time will also be given to taking a ‘trauma sensitive’ approach.

Kate Ellis has been working with touch for over twenty years. Originally Kate trained and practiced in Thai Yoga Massage and has been teaching yoga teachers to work with touch since 2001. She also practices as a Body Psychotherapist and brings her experience in this field to her trainings.


Both options include a snack and herbal teas

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Inversions Play Shop with Ness Sherry
2:00 PM14:00

Inversions Play Shop with Ness Sherry

Saturday 9th March 2-4.30pm
Included herbal teas and a snack

This Inversions Play-shop will encourage you to safely work towards handstand, headstand and shoulder balance and maybe even a forearm balance. This is open to students of all Levels with Poses that include easy half way stages, and preparatory poses such as leg stretches and chest and shoulder openings.

• Inversions are a wonderful challenge!
• Embrace your fear.
• Enjoy seeing the world from a different angle. Upside Down!
• The practice will open the chest and shoulders.
Strengthen the body.
• Help understand spine alignment

Come and play

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Thai Massage Workshop (with Lisa Colclough)
2:00 PM14:00

Thai Massage Workshop (with Lisa Colclough)

Thai Massage Workshop, 2pm-4pm, £30

Thai Massage combines flowing sequences and focused acupressure techniques to create a unique healing therapy.

This form of bodywork uses sequences of soft tissue pressing, stretching and considered movement to strengthen joints, improve flexibility and maintain posture.

Sustained acupressure with palms, thumbs, elbows and feet is used to help remove blockages and free the tension inside knotted muscles.

Thai Massage promotes a high level of fitness and treats common problems including back pain, stiff neck, shoulder problems, sciatica, migraines.

As well as the many physical benefits including a more efficient immune system, Thai Massage encourages relaxation and improves the receiver’s energy levels. A truly healing experience.

Open to all, Teachers and therapists whom might like to incorporate this style of therapy within there 1-1 sessions, students or anyone whom might enjoy giving and receiving a thai massage.

Includes Snacks and Herbal teas

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